The Meanings Of The Holy Qura”an , ( The Cow -Al Baqarah ) 251 – 286

[2.251] By the permission of Allah, they routed them. David slew Goliath, and Allah bestowed on him the kingship and wisdom, and taught him from that He willed. Had Allah not pushed the people, some by the other, the earth would have been corrupted. But Allah is Bountiful to the worlds.

[2.252] These are the verses of Allah. We recite (them) to you in truth, for you (Prophet Muhammad) are one of the Messengers.

[2.253] Of these Messengers, We have preferred some above others. To some Allah spoke; and some He raised in rank. We gave (Prophet) Jesus, the son of Mary, clear signs and strengthened him with the Spirit of Purity (Gabriel). Had Allah willed, those who succeeded them would not have fought against one another after the clear verses came to them. But they differed among themselves; some believed, and others disbelieved. Yet had Allah willed, they would not have fought against one another. Allah does whatever He will.

[2.254] Believers, spend of what We have given you before that Day arrives when there shall be neither trade, nor friendship, nor intercession. It is the unbelievers who are the harmdoers.

[2.255] Allah, there is no god except He, the Living, the Everlasting. Neither dozing, nor sleep overtakes Him. To Him belongs all that is in the heavens and the earth. Who is he that shall intercede with Him except by His permission! He knows what will be before their hands and what was behind them, and they do not comprehend anything of His Knowledge except what He willed. His Seat embraces the heavens and the earth, and the preserving of them does not weary Him. He is the High, the Great.

[2.256] There is no compulsion in religion. Righteousness is now distinct from error. He who disbelieves in the idol and believes in Allah has grasped the firmest tie that will never break. Allah is Hearing, Knowing.

[2.257] Allah is the Guardian of those who believe. He brings them out from darkness into the light. As for those who disbelieve, their guides are idols, they bring them out from the light into darkness. They are the companions of the Fire and shall live in it for ever.

[2.258] Have you not seen he who argued with Abraham about his Lord that Allah had given him the kingship! When Abraham said: ‘My Lord is He who revives, and causes to die. ‘ He said: ‘I revive, and cause to die. ‘ Abraham said: ‘Allah brings up the sun from the east; so you bring it from the west! ‘ Then he who disbelieved became pale. Allah does not guide the nation, the harmdoers.

[2.259] Or of him, who, when passing by the ruined village that was fallen on its roofs, remarked: ‘How can Allah give life to this after its death? ‘ Thereupon Allah caused him to die, and after a hundred years He revived him. He asked: ‘How long have you remained? ‘ ‘A day, ‘ he replied, ‘or part of a day. ‘ Allah said: ‘Rather, you have remained a hundred years. Look at your food and drink; they have not rotted. And look at your donkey (that had died). We will make you a sign to the people. And look at the bones (of your donkey) how We shall revive them and clothe them with flesh. ‘ And when it had all become clear to him, he said: ‘I know that Allah has power over all things. ‘

[2.260] And (remember) when Abraham said: ‘Show me, Lord, how You raise the dead, ‘ He replied: ‘Have you not believed? ‘ ‘Rather, ‘ said Abraham, ‘in order that my heart be satisfied. ‘ ‘Take four birds, ‘ said He, ‘draw them to you, then set a part of them on every hill, then call them, they will come swiftly to you. Know that Allah is Mighty and Wise. ‘

[2.261] The example of those who give their wealth in the way of Allah is like a grain of corn that sprouts seven ears, in every ear a hundred grains. Allah multiplies to whom He will, Allah is the Embracer, the Knower.

[2.262] Those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah and do not follow their spending with reproach and insults shall be rewarded by their Lord; they shall have nothing to fear or to regret.

[2.263] A kind word and forgiveness is better than charity followed by injury. Allah is the Clement.

[2.264] Believers, do not annul your charitable giving with reproach and hurt, like he who spends his wealth to show off to the people and believes neither in Allah nor in the Last Day. His likeness is as a smooth rock covered with dust, if a heavy rain strikes it, it leaves it bare. They have no power over what they have earned. Allah does not guide the nation, the unbelievers.

[2.265] But those who give away their wealth with a desire to please Allah and to reassure themselves are like a garden on a hillside, if heavy rain strikes it, it yields up twice its normal crop, and if heavy rain does not strike it, then light rain. Allah is the Seer of what you do.

[2.266] Would any one of you, being welladvanced in age with helpless children, wish to have a garden of palmtrees, vines and all manner of fruits watered by running streams struck and burned by a fiery whirlwind? Even so, Allah makes plain to you His signs, in order that you give thought.

[2.267] Believers, spend of the good you have earned and of that which We have brought out of the earth for you. And do not intend the bad of it for your spending; while you would never take it yourselves, except you closed an eye on it. Know that Allah is Rich, the Praised.

[2.268] satan promises you with poverty and orders you to commit what is indecent. But Allah promises you His Forgiveness and bounty from Him. Allah is the Embracer, the Knower.

[2.269] He gives wisdom to whom He will, and he who is given wisdom has been given a lot of good. Yet none will remember except the owners of minds.

[2.270] Whatever you spend and whatever vows you make are known to Allah. The harmdoers shall have none to help them.

[2.271] If you reveal your charity it is good, but to give charity to the poor in private is better and will acquit you from some of your evil deeds. Allah is Knowledgeable of what you do.

[2.272] It is not for you (Prophet Muhammad to cause) their guidance. Allah guides whom He will. Whatever good you spend is for yourselves, provided that you give it desiring the Face of Allah. And whatever good you spend shall be repaid to you in full, you shall not be harmed.

[2.273] (Charity is) for the poor who are restrained in the way of Allah, and are unable to journey in the land. The ignorant take them to be rich because of their abstinence. But you can recognize them by their signs. They do not persistently beg people. Whatever good you give is known to Allah.

[2.274] Those who spend their wealth by day and by night, in private and in public, their wage is with their Lord, and no fear shall be on them, neither shall they sorrow.

[2.275] Those who consume usury shall not rise up (from their tomb) except as he who rises in madness that satan has touched. That is because they say: ‘Selling is like usury. ‘ Allah has permitted trading and forbidden usury. To whomsoever an exhortation comes from his Lord then he desists, he shall have his past gains, and his matter is with Allah. But whoever reverts shall be among the people of the Fire and shall remain in it for ever.

[2.276] Allah effaces usury and nurtures charity. Allah does not love any ungrateful sinner.

[2.277] Those who believe and do good works, establish the prayers and pay the obligatory charity, will be rewarded by their Lord and will have nothing to fear or to regret.

[2.278] Believers, fear Allah and give up what is still due to you from usury, if you are believers;

[2.279] but if you do not, then take notice of war from Allah and His Messenger. Yet, if you repent, you shall have the principal of your wealth. Neither will you harm nor will you be harmed.

[2.280] If he should be in hardship, then a postponement until ease; while if you give charity it is better for you if you know.

[2.281] Fear the Day when you shall be returned to Allah. And every soul shall be paid in full what it has earned; and they shall not be harmed.

[2.282] Believers, when you contract a debt for a fixed period, put it in writing. Let a scribe write it down between you with fairness; no scribe shall refuse to write as Allah has taught him. Therefore, let him write; and let the debtor dictate, fearing Allah his Lord, and do not decrease anything of it. If the debtor is a fool, or weak, or unable to dictate himself, let his guardian dictate for him in fairness. Call to witness two witnesses of your men, if the two are not men, then a man and two women from the witnesses whom you approve; so that if one of the two errs, one of them will remind the other. Whenever witnesses are called upon they must not refuse, and do not be weary to write it down, be it small or large, together with its term. This is more just with Allah; it ensures accuracy in testifying and is the least of doubt. Unless it is present merchandise that you circulate between you; then no guilt shall be on you if you do not write it down and take witnesses when you are selling, and let no harm be done to either scribe or witness. If you do, that is a transgression in you. Fear Allah. Allah teaches you, and Allah has knowledge of everything.

[2.283] If you are upon a journey and a scribe cannot be found, then let pledges be taken. If any of you trusts another let the trusted deliver his trust; and let him fear Allah his Lord. And you shall not conceal the testimony. He who conceals it, his heart is sinful. Allah has knowledge of what you do.

[2.284] To Allah belongs all that is in the heavens and the earth. Whether you reveal what is in your hearts or hide it Allah will bring you to account for it. He will forgive whom He will and punish whom He will; He has power over all things.

[2.285] The Messenger believes in what has been sent down to him from His Lord, and so do the believers. Each believes in Allah and His Angels, His Books, and His Messengers, we do not differentiate between any one of His Messengers. They say: ‘We hear and obey. (We ask) Your forgiveness Lord, and to You is the arrival.

[2.286] Allah charges no soul except to its capacity. For it is what it has earned, and against it what it has gained. ‘Our Lord, do not take us to account if we have forgotten, or made a mistake. Our Lord, do not burden us with a load as You have burdened those before us. Our Lord, do not over burden us with more than we can bear. And pardon us, and forgive us, and have mercy on us. You are our Guide, so give us victory over the nation, the unbelievers.’

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