Giving Zakaah to the People in Chechnya

Question: as-Salaam ‘Alaykum wa Rahmatullaahe wa Barakaatuhu. It will not be hidden from your Eminence what is happening to our brothers in the Muslim countries of the Caucaus, Chechnya in particular – from the war upon Islaam and the systematic extermination of Muslims, killing and displacement of the village-dewellers, the elderly, women and children – […]

There is no Zakaah on the household utensils

Question: I have a large number of household utensils [silverware and dining ware] for use on a daily basis as well as for regularly guests and some others for special occasions. I use these many utensils instead of borrowing them from others or renting them, as sometimes one gets dirty or old utensils that one […]

Giving Zakaah to one’s mother

Question: Is it allowed for a person to give his Zakaah to his own mother? Response: A Muslim may not give his Zakaah to his parents or to his children. But, in fact, it is obligatory upon him to spend on their behalf from his own wealth if they are in need of it and […]

Zakaah on jewellery with stone inlays

Question: How does one pay Zakaah on jewellery that is not simply gold but is gold with precious stone inlays? Does one also include the weight of those stones since it would be very difficult to remove the gold and weigh it by itself? Response: Gold is the thing upon which Zakaah must be paid, […]

Using Zakaah funds to finish building a masjid

Question: What is the ruling on using zakaah monies to finish builidng a masjid that is almost completed, and its construction may be halted (due to lack of funding)? Response: What is well-known to the scholars, and it is the position of the vast majority of them, so it can be considered like ijmaa’ (a scholarly concensus) of the scholars of […]