The descending of Jibreel from the sky whilst performing ruqyah.

Question: Some of the brothers in our area treat jinn-possessed cases by reciting aayaat from the Qur.aan. They claim that when they were treating one such case, (the angel) Jibreel descended from the sky and helped them drive the jinn out of the patient. This claim has created much dissension and confusion amongst the people. We request you provide us with a clear and simple explanation to this issue. And has (the angel) Jibreel (ever) descended (from the sky) to help anyone or for any other reason since the death of the Messenger of Allaah (sal-Allaahu `alayhe wa sallam)?

Response: It is permissible to treat jinn-possessed patients by reciting the Qur.aan, either aayaatfrom a Soorah, or a whole Soorah or Soorahs, as performing the ruqyah in this manner is legislated.

As regards the descending of (the angel) Jibreel, then we have no knowledge of its basis, (hence this is a totally unfounded claim).

And with Allaah lies all success and may Allaah send prayers and salutations upon our Prophet (sal-Allaahu `alayhe wa sallam) and his family and his companions.

The Permanent Committee for Islaamic Research and Fataawa
al-Fataawa adh-Dhahabiyyah fir-Ruqaa ash-Shar’iyyah, Page 75.

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