The Meanings Of The Holy Qura”an, The Cow -Al Baqarah

[2.21] O people, worship your Lord who has created you and those who have gone before you, so that you will be cautious.

[2.22] Who has made the earth a bed for you and the sky a dome, and has sent down water from the sky to bring forth fruits for your provision. Do not knowingly set up rivals to Allah.

[2.23] If you are in doubt of what We have sent down to Our worshiper (Prophet Muhammad), produce a chapter comparable to it. Call upon your helpers, other than Allah, to assist you, if you are true.

[2.24] But if you fail, as you are sure to fail, then guard yourselves against the Fire whose fuel is people and stones, prepared for the unbelievers.

[2.25] Bear glad tidings to those who believe and do good works. They shall live in Gardens underneath which rivers flow. Whenever they are given fruit as provision they will say: ‘This is what we were given before, ‘ for they shall be given in resemblance. Therein they shall have pure spouses, and shall live there for ever.

[2.26] Allah is not shy to strike a parable whatsoever a gnat or larger. Those who believe know that it is the truth from their Lord. As for those who disbelieve they ask: ‘What could Allah mean by this parable? By it, Allah misleads many and guides many. ‘ But He misleads none except the evildoers,

[2.27] who break the covenant of Allah after accepting it and sever what Allah has bidden to be joined and corrupt in the land. These are the losers.

[2.28] How can you disbelieve Allah? Did He not give you life when you were dead, and He will cause you to die and then restore you to life. Then you will return to Him.

[2.29] He created for you all that is in the earth, then, He willed to the heaven, and leveled them seven heavens. He has knowledge of all things.

[2.30] When your Lord said to the angels: ‘I am placing on the earth a caliph, ‘ they replied: ‘Will You put there who corrupts and sheds blood, when we exalt Your praises and sanctify You? ‘ He said: ‘I know what you do not know. ‘

[2.31] He taught Adam (father of humans) the names all of them and then presented them to the angels, saying: ‘Tell Me the names of these, if you are truthful. ‘

[2.32] ‘Exaltations to You, ‘ they replied, ‘we have no knowledge except that which You have taught us. You are indeed the Knowing, the Wise. ‘

[2.33] Then He said to Adam: ‘Tell them their names. ‘ And when Adam had named them, He said: ‘Did I not tell you that I know the unseen of the heavens and earth, and all that you reveal and all that you hide! ‘

[2.34] And when We said to the angels: ‘Prostrate (to Me) yourselves towards Adam, ‘ they all prostrated themselves except iblis (satan, father of the jinn), who, in his pride refused and became an unbeliever.

[2.35] To Adam We said: ‘Dwell with your wife in Paradise and both eat of it as much as you wish and wherever you will. But neither of you should come close to this tree or else you shall both become transgressors. ‘

[2.36] But satan made them slip therefrom and caused them to depart from that in which they had been. ‘Go down, ‘ We said, ‘be enemies to each other. The earth will provide your dwelling place an enjoyment for a while. ‘

[2.37] Then Adam received Words from his Lord, and his Lord relented towards him. He is the Receiver of Repentance, the Merciful.

[2.38] ‘Go down, all together, ‘ We said, ‘so if a guidance shall come to you from Me, whosoever follows My guidance no fear shall be on them, neither shall they be saddened.

[2. 39] But those who disbelieve and belie Our verses shall be the companions of the Fire, and there they shall live for ever. ‘

[2.40] ‘Children of Israel, remember My favor I have bestowed upon you. Fulfill My covenant, and I will fulfill your covenant with you. Me, you must fear.

[2.41] And believe in what I have sent down confirming what is with you, and do not be the first to disbelieve it. Do not sell My verses for a little price and fear Me.

[2.42] Do not confound truth with falsehood, nor knowingly hide the truth while you know.

[2.43] Establish your prayers, pay the obligatory charity, and bow with those who bow.

[2.44] Would you order righteousness on others and forget it yourselves? Yet you recite the Book, have you no sense?

[2.45] And seek help in patience and prayer. For it is heavy, except to the humble,

[2.46] who reckon that they will meet their Lord and that to Him they will return.

[2.47] Children of Israel, remember the favors I have bestowed on you, and that I have preferred you (the prophets among you) above the worlds.

[2.48] Guard yourselves against the Day when no soul can avail a thing to another, when neither intercession nor ransom shall be accepted from it, nor will they be helped.

[2.49] (Remember) how We saved you from Pharaoh’s people who had oppressed you cruelly, slaying your sons and sparing your women. Surely, that was a great trial from your Lord.

[2.50] We parted the sea for you, and, taking you to safety, drowned the family of Pharaoh before your eyes.

[2.51] We appointed for Moses forty nights, but in his absence you took the calf, thereby committing harm.

[2.52] Yet after that We pardoned you, so that you might give thanks.

[2.53] And when We gave Moses the Book and the Criterion, so that you might be guided;

[2.54] and when Moses said to his nation: ‘My nation, you have harmed yourselves by taking the calf (to worship). So turn in repentance to your Creator and slay yourselves. That will be best for you with your Creator. ‘ And He shall accept you. He is the Receiver of Repentance, the Merciful.

[2.55] And when you said to Moses: ‘We will not believe in you until we see Allah openly, ‘ a thunderbolt struck you whilst you were looking.

[2.56] Then We raised you from your death, so that you might give thanks.

[2.57] We caused the clouds to cast their shadow over you and sent down for you manna and quails, (saying:) ‘Eat of the good things We have provided you. ‘ Indeed, they did not harm Us, but they harmed themselves.

[2.58] ‘Enter this village, ‘ We said, ‘and eat wherever you will and as much as you wish. Make your way prostrating through the gates, saying: “Unburdening.” We shall forgive you your sins and We will increase the gooddoers. ‘

[2.59] But the harmdoers tampered with Our Words, different from that said to them, and We let loose on the harmdoers a scourge from heaven as a punishment for their debauchery.

[2.60] (Remember) when Moses prayed for water for his nation, We said to him: ‘Strike the Rock with your staff. ‘ Thereupon twelve springs gushed from it, and each tribe knew their drinking place. ‘Eat and drink of that which Allah has provided and do not act evilly in the land, corrupting. ‘

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