The Meanings Of The Holy QURAAN , The Cow -Al Baqarah 200 – 250

And when you have fulfilled your sacred duties remember Allah as you remember your forefathers or with deeper reverence. There are some who say: ‘Lord, give us good in this world. ‘ He shall have no share in the Everlasting Life.

[2.201] But there are others who say: ‘Lord, give us a merit in the world and good in the Everlasting Life, and save us from the punishment of the Fire. ‘

[2.202] These shall have a share of what they have earned. Swift is the reckoning of Allah.

[2.203] Remember Allah during counted days. Whosoever hastens on in two days, no sin shall be on him. And if any delay, no sin shall be on him, for he who wardsoff (evil). And fear Allah, and know that you shall be assembled unto Him.

[2.204] There is he whose sayings pleases you in this worldly life and uses Allah as a witness for what is in his heart, but he is most stubborn in adversary.

[2.205] No sooner does he leave than he hastens about the earth to corrupt there and destroy crops and cattle. Allah does not love corruption.

[2.206] When it is said to him: ‘Fear Allah, ‘ egotism takes him in his sin. Gehenna (Hell) shall be enough for him. How evil a cradling!

[2.207] But there are among people he who would give away his life desiring the Pleasure of Allah. Allah is Gentle to His worshipers.

[2.208] Believers, all of you, enter the peace and do not follow in satan’s footsteps; he is a clear enemy to you.

[2.209] If you lapse back after the clear verses that have come to you, know that Allah is the Almighty, the Wise.

[2.210] Are they waiting for Allah to come to them in the shadows of the clouds with the angels! Their matter will have been settled then. To Allah shall all things return.

[2.211] Ask the Children of Israel how many clear signs We have given them. Whoever changes the Favor of Allah after it has come to him, Allah is Firm in inflicting the punishment.

[2.212] For those who disbelieve, the worldly life is decked with all manner of decorations. They scoff at those who believe, but the cautious shall be above them on the Day of Resurrection. Allah gives without count to whom He will.

[2.213] The people were one nation. Then Allah sent forth Prophets to give them glad tidings and to warn them; and with them He sent down the Book with the truth, that He might rule between the people in that which they differ. Only those to whom it had been given differed about it after the clear verses had come to them, transgressing between themselves. Then Allah guided those who believed concerning that which they were at variance in the truth, by His permission. Allah guides whom He will to the Straight Path.

[2.214] Or did you suppose that you would go to Paradise untouched by that endured by those before you! Affliction and adversity befell them; and they were shaken until the Messenger, and those who believed with him, said: ‘When will the victory of Allah come? ‘ Is it not so that the victory of Allah is near.

[2.215] They will question you about what they should spend (in charity). Say: ‘Whatever good you spend is for (your) parents, kinsmen, orphans, the needy, and the destitute traveler. Allah is Aware of whatever good you do. ‘

[2.216] (Offensive) fighting is obligatory for you, though it is hateful to you. But you may hate a thing although it is good for you, and may love a thing although it is evil for you. Allah knows, and you do not.

[2.217] They ask you about the Sacred Month and fighting in it. Say: ‘To fight in this month is a grave (offense); but to bar others from the Path of Allah, and disbelief in Him, and the Holy Mosque, and to expel its inhabitants from it is greater with Allah. Dissension is greater than killing. ‘ They will not cease to fight against you until they force you to renounce your religion, if they are able. But whosoever of you recants from his religion and dies an unbeliever, their works shall be annulled in this world and in the Everlasting Life, and those shall be the companions of Hell, and there they shall live for ever.

[2.218] But those who believe and those who migrate and struggle in the way of Allah, those, have hope of the Mercy of Allah. Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.

[2.219] They ask you about intoxicating drink and gambling. Say: ‘There is great sin in both, although they have some benefit for people; but their sin is far greater than their benefit. ‘ They ask you what they should spend. Say: ‘That which remains. ‘ So, Allah makes plain to you His verses, in order that you will reflect

[2.220] upon this world and the Everlasting Life. They will question you concerning orphans. Say: ‘Doing good for them is best. If you mix their affairs with yours, remember they are your brothers. Allah knows the corrupter from the reformer. If Allah willed He could have brought hardship upon you. He is Almighty and Wise. ‘

[2.221] Do not wed idolatresses, until they believe. A believing slavegirl is better than a (free) idolatress, even if she pleases you. And do not wed idolaters, until they believe. A believing slave is better than a (free) idolater, even though he pleases you. Those call to the Fire; but Allah calls to Paradise and pardon by His permission. He makes plain His verses to the people, in order that they will remember.

[2.222] They ask you about menstruation. Say: ‘It is an injury. Stay away from women during their menstrual periods and do not approach them until they are cleansed. When they have cleansed themselves, then come to them from where Allah has commanded you. Allah loves those who turn to Him in repentance and He loves those who cleanse themselves. ‘

[2.223] Women are your planting place (for children); come then to your planting place as you please and forward (good deeds) for your souls, and fear Allah. And know that you shall meet Him. Give glad tidings to the believers.

[2.224] Do not make Allah a deterrent through your oaths, that you be righteous, cautious, and reform between people. Surely, Allah is Hearing and Knowing.

[2.225] Allah will not call you to account for a slip in your oaths. But He will take you to task for that which is intended in your hearts. Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.

[2.226] For those who swear a wait of four months from their women, if they revert, Allah is Forgiving, the Most Merciful.

[2.227] But if they resolve on divorce, surely, Allah is the Hearer, the Knower.

[2.228] Divorced women shall wait by themselves for three periods. It is unlawful for them, if they believe in Allah and the Last Day, to hide what He has created in their wombs, in which case their husbands would have a better right to restore them should they desire reconciliation. And for them similar to what is due from them with kindness. But men have a degree above them. Allah is Mighty and Wise.

[2.229] Divorce is twice, then an honorable keeping or allowed to go with kindness. It is unlawful for you to take from them anything you have given them, unless both fear that they will not be able to keep within the Bounds of Allah; in which case it shall be no offense for either of them if she ransom herself. These are the Bounds of Allah; do not transgress them. Those who transgress the Bounds of Allah are harmdoers.

[2.230] If he divorces her (for the third time), she shall not be lawful to him after that until she has wed (not for the purpose of remarrying her former husband) another spouse and then if he divorces her it shall be no offense for either of them to return to each other, if they think that they can keep within the Bounds of Allah. Those are the Bounds of Allah. He makes them plain to people who know.

[2.231] When you have divorced women and they have reached the end of their waiting period, either keep them in kindness or let them go with kindness. But you shall not keep them, being harmful, in order to transgress. Whoever does this wrongs himself. Do not take the verses of Allah in mockery. Remember the favor of Allah upon you, and what He sent down to you from the Book and Wisdom to exhort you. Fear Allah and know that He has knowledge of everything.

[2.232] When you divorce women, and they have reached their term, do not restrain them from marrying their (future) husbands, when they have agreed together with kindness. That is an exhortation for whosoever of you believes in Allah and the Last Day. That is cleaner and purer for you. Allah knows, and you do not know.

[2.233] Mothers shall suckle their children for two years completely, for whoever desires to fulfill the suckling. It is for the father to provide for them and clothe them with kindness. No soul is charged except to its capacity. A mother shall not be harmed for her child, neither a father for his child. And upon the heir is like that. If both desire to wean by mutual consent and consultation, then no guilt shall be on them. And if you desire a wet nurse for your children, then no guilt shall be on you if you hand over what you have given with kindness. And fear Allah, and know that Allah is the Seer of what you do.

[2.234] And those of you who die and leave wives behind such wives shall wait by themselves for four months and ten (nights). When they have reached the end of their waiting period, there shall be no offense for you in whatever they choose for themselves kindly. Allah is Aware of what you do.

[2.235] No guilt shall be on you in the indication of an engagement to women or what you suppress in yourself. Allah knows that you will remember them; but do not promise them secretly unless you speak kind words (only of indication). And do not resolve on the knot of marriage until the writing has reached its term. And know that Allah knows what is in your hearts, so be cautious of Him. And know that Allah is the Forgiver, the Clement.

[2.236] It shall be no offense for you to divorce your wives as long as you have not touched them or obligated a right for them. Provide for them with fairness; the rich according to his means, and the restricted according to his. A right on the gooddoers.

[2.237] If you divorce them before you have touched them but after their dowry has been determined, give them half of what you determined, unless they pardon, or he pardons in whose hand is the marriage knot. And if you pardon it is nearer to wardingoff (evil). Do not forget the generosity between each other. Allah is the Seer of what you do.

[2.238] And preserve the prayers and the middle prayer, and stand obedient to Allah.

[2.239] And if you fear, then (pray) on foot or riding. But when you are safe, then remember Allah, as He has taught you what you did not know.

[2.240] Those who die and leave wives behind should bequeath to them a year’s maintenance without causing them to leave their homes; but if they leave, no blame shall be attached to you in what they do with themselves kindly. Allah is Mighty and Wise.

[2.241] Provision should be made for divorced women with kindness. That is a right on the cautious.

[2.242] Like this Allah clarifies to you His verses in order that you understand.

[2.243] Haven’t you seen those who went out from their homes in their thousands cautious of death? Allah said to them: ‘Die, ‘ and then He revived them. Surely, Allah is Bountiful to the people, but most people do not thank.

[2.244] Fight in the way of Allah. And know that Allah is the Hearer and the Knower.

[2.245] Who is he that will lend Allah a good loan! He will multiply it many multiples! Allah grasps and outspreads and to Him you shall be returned.

[2.246] Have you not seen the congregation of the Children of Israel who demanded of one of their Prophets after (the death of) Moses? ‘Raise up for us a king, ‘ they said, ‘and we will fight in the way of Allah. ‘ He replied: ‘Might it be that if fighting is written for you, you will not fight? ‘ ‘Why shouldn’t we fight in the way of Allah, ‘ they replied, ‘when we and all our children have been driven from our dwellings? ‘ Yet, when fighting was written for them all except for a few, turned away. And Allah has knowledge of the harmdoers.

[2.247] Their Prophet said to them: ‘Allah has raised Saul to be your king. ‘ But they replied: ‘Should he be given the kingship over us, when we are more deserving of it than he and he has not been given abundant wealth? ‘ He said: ‘Allah has chosen him over you and increased him with amplitude in knowledge and body. Allah gives His kingship to whom He will. Allah is the Embracer, the Knower. ‘

[2.248] Their Prophet said to them: ‘The sign of his kingship is the coming of the Ark to you, therein shall be tranquility from your Lord, and a remnant which the House of Moses and the House of Aaron left behind. It will be borne by the angels. That will be a sign for you if you are believers. ‘

[2.249] And when Saul marched out with his army, he said: ‘Allah will test you with a river. He who drinks from it shall cease to be one of mine but he who does not drink from it, except he who scoops up once with his hand, shall be of mine. ‘ But for a few of them, they all drank from it. And when he had crossed it with those who believed, they said: ‘We have no power this day against Goliath and his soldiers. ‘ But those of them who reckoned they would meet Allah replied: ‘Many a small band has, by the permission of Allah, vanquished a mighty army. Allah is with the patient. ‘

[2.250] When they appeared to Goliath and his soldiers, they said: ‘Lord, pour upon us patience. Make us firm of foot and give us victory against the nation of unbelievers. 

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