The legislated period of mourning.

Question: Is it prohibited for a woman who is in her legislated period of mourning to drink coffee with saffron (mixed) in it and other than that?

Response: The woman in her legislated period of mourning is prohibited from a number of things, and they are:

i) Applying the eye liner (kohl);
ii) Wearing beautiful clothing;
iii) Perfuming herself;
iv) Leaving the (marital) home except for a necessity;
v) She must spend her legislated period of mourning in her home where her husband died (i.e. the marital home).

Other than that (which has been mentioned above) there is no harm in it; So she can eat what she wishes and likewise drink (what she wishes), however, she is to avoid that which we have mentioned (above). And many of the people are harsh upon themselves in matters which the Wise Legislator (Allaah) has not forbade them from. So, for example, it is permissible for the women to go out to the doctor’s, and if she is a teacher, then she can go out to teach and there is no harm in that. And if she has a job, then she can go out and fulfill her work duties, and likewise, if she is a student, then she can go out for her lessons.

(Likewise) if she did not have anyone to tend to her needs, then there is no harm in her going out to the market during the day and then return home.

And Allaah has the complete knowledge (of all affairs).

Muhammed ibn ‘Abdillaah as-Subayyal – Imaam and Khateeb, al-Masjid al-Haraam
Fataawa wa Mukhtaarah – Page 548.

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