Islam is based on the belief in one God{Allah}which is the monotheism.That is the basic belief of Islam.We derive these details from two main sources in our religion,the holy Qura’an which is the word of Allah and the Sunnah which is the saying of the prophet Mohammad {peace be upon him}{salalahu alaihi wasalam}.We can also learn about monotheism through our own contemplation of the creation of Allah when we give a look around us at the heaven or at the earth,even if we look at our selves how are they been created.Allah has commanded us to think deeply and contemplate,and to have deep conviction in our faith.Our father Ibraheem{Abraham} {peace be upon him}has spent much time in deep thought until Allah guided him  and he became a monotheist,a believer in al mighty Allah.His believe was completely different from that of the polytheistic society in which he lived.”Look” at the creation of the sky and earth and in the alternation of the day and night ,there are signs for people of understanding who says praises of Allah,standing ,sitting,lying down on there sides and think about{the wonder of }creation in the heavens and the earth.Our lord!!! Not for nothing have you created {all}this! Glory to you!give us rescue from the punishment of fire”  {Qur’an: Al Imran 3: 190-191}.

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