Raising the hands in supplication during the Jumu’ah khutbah.

12513841692889fcb4emw9Question: What is the ruling regarding raising the hands during the supplication of the imaam in the jumu'ah khutbah, since I used to do that; [Then one day] after the prayer, someone advised me against doing so, however he did not provide any evidence for what he said?

Response: Raising the hands during the supplication of the imaam in the [jumu’ah] khutbah has not been legislated. And because of this, the companions (radhi-yAllaahu ‘anhum) disapproved of Bishr ibn Marwaan when he raised his hands in the jumu’ah khutbah [transmitted by at-Tirmidhee 515 and Ahmad 4/136].

And [the raising of the hands during the imaam’s supplication] has been legislated in two cases:

i) The prayer for rain – and that is asking [Allaah] for rain, and likewise…

ii) Asking [Allaah] for the cessation of rain.

…and the evidence for that is what has been reported by Anas in the hadeeth of the man who entered [the masjid] whilst the Prophet (sal-Allaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) was giving the khutbah, and he said: O Messenger of Allaah our wealth has been destroyed and [our children are hungry]. So the Prophet (sal-Allaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) raised his hands and supplicated. And Anas mentioned that the man then returned the following jumu’ah and said: O Messenger of Allaah [our buildings have been destroyed and] our wealth has been flooded. So the Prophet (sal-Allaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) raised his hands [in supplication] and said:

«O Allaah, around us and not upon us» [transmitted by al-Bukhaaree 1013 and Muslim 897]…and so on as per the hadeeth which Muslim transmitted in the Book of the Rain Prayer.

So the khateeb should not raise his hands [in supplication] other than in the aforementioned two situations; And the worshippers are not to raise their hands [in supplication] except when the khateeb raises his hands [in supplication], because the companions only raised their hands [in supplication] when the Prophet raised his hands [in supplication].

Shaykh Ibn 'Uthaymeen
I'laam al-Mu'aasireen bi-Fataawa Ibn 'Uthaymeen – Page 80. fatwaonline.com

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