Are All Types Of [Tawhid] The Oneness Of Allah Correlative?

Yes, They Are Correlative. Whosoever Disbelieves In One Type, He Disbelieves In The Rest As Well. For Instance, Invoking Anyone Or Thing Other Than Allah And Asking Him/Her/It To Do What Can Not Be Done But By Allah The Almighty. The Invocation Itself Is Some Kind Of Worship, Rather, It Is The Core Of Worship Directed To Other Than Allah. This Is Polytheism In AI-Uluhiyyah, The Divinity Of Allah. Moreover , If The Invocation Aims At Bringing About Or Causing Some Good

Or Defying What Is Bad Thinking He/She/It Is Capable Of Carrying It Out, This Is Polytheism In Ar-Rububiyyah The Lordship Of Allah, As He Thought They Can Manage The Affairs Of The Universe Along With Him, All Glory Is His Due! Moreover, He Made That Invocation Thinking That He/She/It Can Hear Him Anywhere And Any Time, Which Is Polytheism In AI-Asma’ Was-Sifat The Names And Attributes Of Allah. Thus, He Attributed To Him/Her/It A Hearing Compassing All Things Which Can Not Be Blocked Either By Being Far, Or Being Near. This Polytheism In The Worship Of Allah Results In -As Clearly Evident -Polytheism In The Lordship And In The Names And Attributes Of Allah The

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