Who is Pseudo messiah(Almessiah AlDagal) What do you know about him?

One of the Portents(signs)of the hour(or the day of Judgement) Is the appearance of Pseudo messiah. The occurrence of the Pseudo messiah is a huge affliction for every Muslim which everyone today is un mindful of it.He will appear (suddenly ) while people in inattentiveness . He was called messiah (Antichrist) because one of his eyes is scanned .Anas Bin Malik Narrated that the prophet [PBUH] said:{AntiChrist scanned eye is written between his eyes infidel( Kafer)}. Muslim 8/198.Also, he has been called lier(Dajal)because he will lie on people and deceive them with preternatural phenomena given to him by Allah as affliction to see who is going to drift with him and who is going to remain steadfast to his belief .So , a Muslim who faces him one day should escape from him to avoid his affliction . What are his descriptions? He is one of the human being ,a man in his youth ,ruddy and short,has curly head,wide neck ,one eye is scanned,between his eyes written infidel(Kafer) every Muslim can read it. The prophet (PBUH) had warned us this affliction . Narrated  Nawas Bin Saman that the messenger of Allah mentioned the Pseudo Messiah one day and lower and raise on him which makes us think that he is in the dragonflies of palms so, we went to the prophet (pbuh) then he  said:{What’s the matter?}we said:you had mentioned the messiah(Al-Dajal) with lowering and raising on him that made us think he was in the dragonflies of palms.The messenger said:{ Fear for you is not  the Antichrist if he appears while Iam with you ,I will face him instead of you and if he appears whileIam not with you{means he died} so everyone argues among himself and Allah is the one who takes care of every Muslim ,he(the messiah) is a curly young and scanned eyed.While he comes ,he calls people who answer him and believe in his affliction,then he orders the sky to rain and orders the land to grow plants and they find their sheep in a good condition.  After that,he comes to another folk and call them and the do not answer him(those are the believers)  so he leaves them  with nothing in their hands.Then he orders the ruin and says to it bring out your treasures then he runs away and these treasures following him such as  dragonflies of palms }Ibn Maja 5/192.  Where does he get out? He will come out from the east particularly from Khorasan [ a place to the east of Iran] and he is of Jewish of Asbahan[in Iran]and he will walk around the earth and enter every country except Makkah and Madinah because there will be angels in each entrance prevented him from entering.He will stay on earth forty days ,one day as a year ,one day as a month,one day as a week and the rest of his days as our days today.The fast of his walk is the same of the rain with a strong wind.

The end of the Pseudo Messiah.

The end of Pseudo Messiah will be the death by the Christ Jesus the Son of Mary(pbuh) that because his[Pseudo Messiah]affliction and evil became very dangerous and unbearable.In these serious circumstances, the Christ Jesus comes down from the heaven and meets the believers and leads them to find Al-Messiah Al-Dajal.in a village in Palistine called [Bab Lud] Lud door.When the Pseudo Messiah sees Jesus  ,he melts as the salt melts in water then the Jesus says to him(I have a strike upon you I will not  miss it) then he kills him with a murderess strike.

A commandment:

The prophet (pbuh) recommended  his nation to avoid the Pseudo messiah ‘s affliction and supplicate to Allah to keep away and not to face him. This is a brief description about the (Al-Messiah Al-Dajal)to remind my brothers and warn them his affliction.  AlImanlight.com

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