Great Ramadan ideas for children.

In this blessed month of Ramadan I will try my best to use my time wisely. Even if I am little, I will try hard to fast at least some of the day & do other good things.

1. Sleep little – eat little …I will not try to let the day pass faster by sleeping it away, and I will not eat so much at Iftar that it will make me too lazy to pray.

2. I will learn all about Ramadan so I won’t think of it as a hard and hungry month.

3. I will pray all of my obligatory prayers, and try to pray as many of the sunnah prayers as I can.

4. I will try to wake up during the 3rd part of the night and pray night prayers at least once.

5. I will memorize at least 1 surah and understand the meaning of it also.

6. I will try to attend the taraweah prayer at the masjid at least once and pray all the way to the end with the Imam.

7. I will not waste my time watching TV or playing games.

8. I will surprise my Mom and clean for her while she is cooking Iftar for me.

9. I will save some money in a special can and donate it to a worthy cause at the end of Ramadan.

10. I will bake a dessert myself and surprise another family with it.

11. I will read some Quran every day. I will pick a time like after I pray fajr, or right before maghrib, and read at that time every day.

12. I will ask Allah for forgiveness often.

13. I will make more thikr.

14. I will learn what Laylatul qadr is and its virtues, and then put all my efforts in gaining those rewards.

15. I will remind myself (for boys) my Dad and brothers to pray at the masjid every Fajr and every Isha.

16. If I am invited to someone’s house for Iftar I will help clean before I leave.

17. Even if I can’t go to the Masjid for Taraweah and my Dad goes, I will send some sweets or a cold drink for the Muslims to enjoy in between the prayers.

18. If I am at the masjid and I see an old person who needs a chair to pray, I will RUN and get that chair for them and set it up in the prayer line.

19. No matter where I am, if I see a Muslim I will say Assalamu ‘alikum first.

20. If I’m at the grocery store shopping with my parent, I will ask if I can buy a food item to place in the food drive box at the masjid.

21. If my family is inviting people for Iftar, I will ask if they will invite some single people or students.

22. I will help my mother cook, or set the table, or clean the table after, or wash the dishes, or sweep the floor at least once a day either at Suhoor or Iftar.

23. I will remind my brothers and sisters and friends to be their best.

24. I will learn something new about Ramadan to teach it to my family and friends.
25. I will memorize at least 1 duaa.

26. When I’m at the masjid I will sneak a donation into the masjid box so nobody sees me donating; only Allah and I will know.

Add more of your own goals

Charity Jars:

These can be made with empty canisters, jars, etc. decorated with paper, paint, glitter, etc. You can take a cloth and stretch over the top and secure it with ribbons, glue or a rubber band. Insh’Allah they are pretty easy. Then the kids simply fill them as they are able and at the end of the month you can decide how to donate it. Mash’Allah it gives the children such a sense of accomplishment and inclination to give back at a young age.

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