What Does Contradict [Tawhid Al-Asma’ Was-Sifat] The Oneness Of The Names And Attributes Of Allah?

Using Profanity In Allah’s Names And Attributes Contradicts Observing And Respecting The Oneness Of His Names And Attributes. This Is Of Three Types:

First: [Ilhad Al-Mushrikin] Atheism Of The Polytheists: Those Who Attributed Allah’s Names After Distorting Them -To Their Idols; They Derived Al­-Lat From Ilah (God), Al-`Uzza From Al-`Aziz (The Almighty), And Manah From Al-Mannan (The Benefactor).

Second: [Ilhad Al-Mushabihah] Atheism Of The Likening Ones: Those Who Adapt Allah’s Attributes And Liken Them To The Qualities Of His Creation. These Are The Other Face Of The Coin, As They Likened Him To The Created Beings, While The First Type Elevated Their Idols And Set Them As Equals To The Lord Of The `Alamin(Mankind, Jinn And All That Exist).

Third: [Ilhad An-Nufah Al-Mu`Attilah] Atheism Of The Negators, The Suspenders (I.E. Those Who Say That Allah’s Names And Attributes Are Created): These Are Of Two Types:

(A) A Group Affirmed The Wording Of His Names, But Negated What They Denote Of Perfect Attributes. They Said: He Is The Most Gracious And The All Merciful Without Mercy, All Knowing Without Knowledge, All Hearing Without Hearing, All Seeing Without Sight, And All Mighty Without Might, Etc. And They Said The Same Regarding The Rest Thereof.

(B) A Group Declared The Negation Of The Names And Their Connotations Entirely. They Described Him As Pure And Complete Nothingness And Nonexistence That Has Neither Name, Nor Quality. All Glory, Greatness And Perfection Is Due To Allah The Almighty. He Is {Lord Of The Heavens And The Earth, And All That Is Between Them, So Worship Him (Alone) And Be Constant And Patient In His Worship. Do You Know Of Any Who Is Similar To Him?1}. (Maryam, 65)

Allah Says: {There Is Nothing Like Unto Him And He Is The All-Hearer, The All-Seer}. (Ash-­Shura,Ll)

Allah The Almighty Says: {He (Allah) Knows What Happens To Them (His Creatures) In This World, And What Will Happen To Them (In The Hereafter) But They Will Never Compass Anything Of His Knowledge}. (Ta-Ha, 110). knowingllah.com

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