What Is The Meaning Of The Saying Of Allah’s Messenger (Peace Be Upon Him) Regarding The Most Beautiful Names Of Allah That Reads: “Whoever Knows Them Will Be Admitted Into Paradise?”

This Statement Has Been Differently Interpreted. Some Have Interpreted It As To Commit The Most Beautiful Names To One’s Heart, To Invoke Allah The Almighty Thereof, And To Glorify Him Thereof.

Others Deemed That They Can Be Divided Into Various Types. Some Of Which Can Be Held As Exemplary, Such As, The Most Merciful And The Ever Generous. Man Can Practice Himself To Achieve Some Degree Of The Connotation Of Such Divine Names. Some Others Of Allah’s Most Beautiful Names Are In Toto His Almighty-Bounded. Allah Makes Them Particular To Himself, Such As, The Sublime Potentate, The Ever Magnificent, And The Supremely Proud. Regarding This Type, Man Can Only Submit Himself And Declare His Complete And Perfect Subjection To Allah. Some Of The Most Beautiful Names Of Allah Denote Promise, Such As, The Ever Forgiver, The Ever Thankful, The Ever Clement, The Ever Compassionate, The All-Forbearing, And The Ever Kindly. Man Should Stand Himself At The Gate Of Desire And Wish. Some Of The Most Beautiful Names Denote Intimidation, Such As, Exalted In Might, Lord Of Retribution, Strict In Punishment, And Quick In Account. Man Should Stand Himself At The Gate Of Fear And Submission.

A Third Party Interpreted Allah’s Most Beautiful Names As Follows: The Slave Witnesses Them And Gets To Know Them By Mind And Heart As Well As To Worship Him Fully Through Them. To Illustrate; Whoever, For Example, Comprehends The Highness Of Allah Above His Creation, While Encompassing Them With His Might And Knowledge, Should He Worship Him Till His Heart Becomes Directly Sustained By Him. The Slave’s Heart Goes Up To Him In Private Conference With Full Submission And Humiliation. He Stands Before Allah As A Humiliated Slave Standing Before The Great And Honorable King. He Feels That All His Speech And Acts Are Disclosed Before Him, Hence, He Feels Shy To Do Anything That Is Deemed Shameful Before His Sight. Moreover, He Witnesses The Descending Of The Divine Orders And Ordainments Upon All Corners Of The World All The Time With All Kinds Of Affair Charging: Causing Death, Giving Life, Giving Might, Abasing, Raising, Providing Sustenance, Preventing Benefits, Removing Agonies, Inflicting Agonies, And Turning The Days Among The Creatures, Etc. Almighty Allah Says: {He Manages And Regulates (Every) Affair From The Heavens To The Earth; Then It (Affair) Will Go Up To Him, In One Day, The Space Whereof Is A Thousand Years Of Your Reckoning (I.E. Reckoning Of Our Present World’s Time)}. (As-Sajdah, 5)

So, Whosoever Fulfills The Obligations Due To This Witness, He Really Finds Sufficiency And Richness In His Lord. Indeed, Very Few People Are Given This Blessing By Almighty Allah.knowingallah.com

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