What Is The Textual Proof That Allah Is The Most High In Rank? What Must Be Negated Pertaining To Allah The Almighty?

One Should Know That Allah’s Highness In Rank Is What Is Manifested In His Names: The Sublime Holy, The Peace, The Ever-Great, And The Supremely High, Etc. And It Is Also What Is Required By All The Attributes Describing His Perfection And Glory. No One Can Share Him His Dominion Or Part Thereof. No One Can Be Held As Partner, Supporter, Or Even Intercessor Before Him Except With His Leave And Permission. He Is The One Who Is Free From All Imperfections And Defects That Are Attributed To His Creatures. He Is The One Who Is Free From Imperfection, His Attributes Free From Deficiency And His Dealings Free From Blemish. All Perfection Is Attributed To Him Alone. He Is The One Whose Pride And Utmost Perfection Are

Absolute. He Is Ever­-Great In His Entity, Attributes And Action Above Any Similarity To His Creatures. He Is The One Who Is Above Everyone And Everything In The Whole Universe. He Is Extremely Free From Any Defects. In Addition, He Is The Example Of Infallibility. He, Almighty Allah Says: {His Is The Highest Description (I.E. None Has The Right To Be Worshipped But He, And There Nothing Comparable Unto Him) In The Heavens And In The Earth. And He Is The All-Mighty, The All-Wise}. (Ar-Rum, 27)knowingallah.com

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